The Rieth stainless steel fusible insert was designed for ease of installation with all tube tees rather than expensive female branch tees. All inserts are made of 316 8.8. for maximum corrosion resistance with temperature melting ranges marked on the tube.



    • Dimensions: 3/8" O.D. x 1.570" Length
    • Maximum Bleed Capacity: .250" Diameter Orifice
    • Maximum Working Pressure Range: 200 PSI

Standard Order Fusible Plugs

Part Number Temp. Range
SS-3/8 FP 160 160 Degrees Fahrenheit
SS-3/8 FP 212 212 Degrees Fahrenheit
SS-3/8 FP 255 255 Degrees Fahrenheit
SS-3/8 FP 281 281 Degrees Fahrenheit

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